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Auswelllife Australia Colostrum Milk 1000 mg, 365 tablets

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Auswelllife Colostrum Tablets  – 1000mg / 365 Tablets 


They say children should be given proper nourishment from the beginning and milk is considered one of the best ways to start with.

But if your children dislike a glass of milk, give them the Colostrum milk tablets that are easy to consume and also tastes really good.

These tablets are a healthy supplement containing Colostrum milk powder and calcium phosphate.

The colostrum chewable tablets are 100% milk extract from the cow’s milk and simply ideal for strong bones.

Also, these tablets with natural milk can strengthen and stimulate the body’s immune system. 


  • Perfect tablets for strong bones and teeth
  • Delicious and easy to take tablets 
  • Enhances tissue repair 
  • Stimulates the growth of the body 
  • Increases bone mass


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