A Bonne

A Bonne Whip Soap With A Soap Foaming Net 3 Formula Set

£25 £27

This bundle set is including three formulas of foamy whip soap that comes with a foamy net soap that delicate for your body and facial skin.

1.A Bonne Whip Soap Super Hydrating Watermelon & Vitamin E 90g.

Watermelon extract high in vitamin C and E give antioxidant, rich in vitamins helps brighten your skin.
And Vitamin B3 & Kojic Acid gives brighter, smoother skin.

2.A Bonne Whip Soap Moisturising Tomato & Milk90g.

Milk Extract and Tomato Extract, Arbutin and Vitamin E for the skin hydrated, brighten and smoother.
It also helps reduce free radical and protect skin from pollution.

3.A Bonne Whip Soap Thousand White Rose & Sakura 90g.
Rose, Cherry Blossom Extract and Glutathione extract helps nourish, soothing the skin, and it will give you naturally radiant and glow skin.

How to use: wet and rub the soap bar with water until a complete froth forms foam.

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