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Auswelllife Australia Smart Algal Oil DHA Supplement


Auswelllife Algal Oil – DHA- Dietary Supplement 60 Capsules


 Description: Algal Oil-DHA capsules help in maintaining a strong cognitive function in children.

These capsules use microalgae, which is a natural omega-3 source high in DHA and considered one of the most plentiful fatty acids in the brain.

The DHA capsules for children are also important for amazing growth and development of the retina.

Also, this dietary supplement for children, effortlessly takes care of the health and function of the nervous system, maintain healthy eyes, and boosts the learning process in children.

Features: Ideal for nourishing and strengthening brain function Improves visibility and nurtures the optical nerve Make the nervous system and memory strong Good for the immune system Relieve tension

Direction: Take 1-3 Capsules with meal or milk daily. 

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