Ikko Japan Premium Horse Oil 70ml


Ikko Japan Premium Horse Oil 70ml

Have you ever heard that putting on horse oil on the face can make your skin moisturised and help it with different issues like acne or damaged skin barriers?

Well, if not, you ought to try it out and get horse oil skin cream that works well for the same purpose.

The cream contains moisturizing ingredients like horse oil to provide your skin with enough moisture and firmness.

This horse oil moisturizing cream also has hyaluronic acid and squalane that acts as a shield and save your skin from drying out.

This best horse oil cream for skin spreads easily and can be used over any body part including knee, elbow,
and heel to eliminate skin irritation.  

- Horse oil cream for soft and moisturized skin
-  Hyaluronic acid added to the composition moisturises the skin
-  Squalane prevents dryness
- Gives a smooth, silky, and comfortable feel
-  Can be used all over the bodyHead to toe oil.

- Soothes, Protects, moisturisers

Made in Japan

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