Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner Coix Seed Extract Lotion


Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner Coix Seed Extract Lotion 500ml

An excellent moisturising lotion works a toner formulated using natural ingredients and Hatomugi extract (Coix Seed);

The Naturie skin conditioning can become your best beauty secret to soft and moisturised skin.

It has a non-sticky fresh texture so that you can apply it every day without worries. This Hatomugi skin conditioner is suitable on the face or any other body part such as legs, hands, and arms to keep them moisturised for long hours.

The Hatomugi skin conditioner essence is effective in treating sunburn or can be used right after bathing.

Use it as a toner by pouring it on a cotton pad, then gently apply it on a clean face.

And can use as an essence by put on a palm then gently pat on your face after applying as a toner.

You can also use it as a sheet mask by leaving it on a cotton pad for 5 minutes.


- A perfect blend of Hatomugi extract and natural plant ingredients

- Ideal for keeping the skin smooth and gentle

- Can be used on the face and other body parts

- A lotion with a non-sticky texture

- Use it after taking a shower

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