[YE DAM YUN BIT] Ja Hawag Su Skincare 3 Set.


YE DAM YUN BIT Ja Hawag Su Skin Care Set of 7 pieces.

Ja Hwang Su Is absorbed Into your skin and makes it noble And beautiful with nutrient. It is an Oriental Remedy Based Product containing Oriental cellular life, Which is made of 9 Oriental Remedy Ingredients based Okyongseosian Treatment, And Royal jelly, Which provides your skin with energy. It makes your skin lustrous And tied by providing it with Moisture and nutrients.

This set is including with :

  • Ja Hawag Su BoEum Toner 150ml / Gift Use 30ml.
  • Ja Hawag Su BoEum Emulsion 150ml / Gift Use 30ml.
  • Ja Hwang Su Elastic Cream50g (Certified as anti-wrinkle effect)
  • Ja Hwang Su BoEum Essence 30ml.

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