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A Bonne Collagen Smooth & Baby Skin Bundle Set.

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A Bonne Collagen Smooth & Baby Skin Set.

3 Steps for an enjoyable treatment for your skin that makes you feel like you've just left a beauty spa including: 

 Step 1 - Clean your skin with A Bonne Milk Gluta Whip Shower Cream 450g.

The rich formula of light cream contains Hydrolysed Milk protein, Collagen and Vitamin B3.

Pampers your skin simultaneously, leaving it a clear and radiant glow with skin-plumping.

 This gentle cream is specially formulated with natural essences to ensure that it is non-irritating to the skin.

Nano white Glutaione, including Glutathione, Natural Arbutin and Vitamin C, is triple activities for skin brightening.


Step 2 - Exfoliating your skin with A Bonne 350 g Spa milk salt scrub, a soft skin bleaching body whitening and lightening exfoliating salt scrub that softens and lightens the skin. 

Step3 - Moisturising with A bottle of A Bonne Milk Body Lotion, it's a lightning lotion that boosting collagen, plus it contains UV Protection for your youthful, glow and smooth skin. 500ml.

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