DHC Japan Protein Diet Perfect Body Banana Flavour


Japan DHC Protein Perfect Bi-Body Banana Flavour 300g.

A meal replacement/ protein diet from Japan that helps you with a healthy way of weight management. Get your lean body doesn't need to be boring or horrible taste. 

Tasty and without sweetener 

Replace 2 meals per day for Rapid weight loss and replace 1 meal for a steady weight loss. 

With skim milk/alternative milk or with just water. 

  • Soybean protein (domestic manufacturing, USA manufacture), (including the dairy component) indigestible dextrin, dextrin, erythritol, powdered fats and oils (medium-chain fatty acid oil, dextrin), banana powder (dextrin, banana paste), dolomite, lactulose, L - carnitine tartrate, baker's yeast, (including gelatin) collagen peptide, potassium lactobacillus yeast fermentation sterile powders / citric acid, flavouring, acidulant, shellfish calcium, colouring (gardenia), potassium chloride, thickener (xanthan gum), emulsifiers, stevia, VC, cysteine, methionine, ferric pyrophosphate, niacin, VE, Panteton acid Ca, V.B1, V.B2, V.B6, VA, folic acid, V.D3, V.B12

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