Clear and transparent skin DONGSUNG RANNCE-Max Prestige CREAM.

Melanin( Melasma, Freckle, Blemish) care management to a higher level of bright skin whitening cream.


Alpha Bisabolol-it is an oily substance contained in a large in the Eremathus Erytropappus which is native to Brazil, and it prevents the blackening of the skin caused by ultraviolet rays.

Placenta-Nutrition Supply.

The placenta contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes to nourish the skin and promote skin turnover.

Bee Venom-Inhibition of Melanin Production, brightening Effect.

Bee Venom, extracted from honeybees, protects damaged skin from ultraviolet rays and inhibit the production of melanin, resulting in whitening effects.

Kojic Acid- Brightening Effect.

It is a substance obtained through the fermentation of yeast, which is used in making brewed foods such as alcohol, soybean paste, and soy sauce, and is a major component of whitening cosmetics.

Directions: Use before going to bed.

Imported from Korea 

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