[SKINRx LAB] MadeCera Sleeping Mask 50ml


We tend to try out various kinds of night creams and lotions for happy skin, after all, who doesn’t love to wake up with a natural glow on their face.

[SKINRx LAB] MadeCera Sleeping Mask is on its way to make your life easier while providing you clear and bright skin.

The mask replenishes moisture, energy, and vitamins overnight to refresh your dull skin and make it radiant.

This best mask for skin rejuvenation works as a dual product as it helps in skin soft, glow and fights off those fine lines.

The [SKINRx LAB] MadeCera Sleeping Mask sleeping mask is easy to apply and shows you some great results in just 30 days. 


  • Sleeping mask for a clear and radiant skin 
  • Contains Madecassoside for moisturising and brightening the skin
  • Ceramind boost up your dull skin 
  • Aquaxyl and Fructan™ offers 10 types of vitamins for skin hydration 
  • Work as a brighteningand anti-wrinkle product 
  • Restore skin while you sleep with this powerful overnight treatment.  

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