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Auswelllife Australia Algal Oil DHA & Colostrum Bundle Set.

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Make your kids grow faster, stronger and more intelligent with this bundle set from Australia.

Auswelllife Colostrum 1000mg tablets contain calcium and phosphate that boost your children’s immunity and strengthen their bones and teeth.

These delicious, chewy tablets are the ideal supplement for your children’s healthy growth and development.

Auswelllife Australia Smart Algal Oil DHA

Dietary Supplement for Children Aged 2-4 Years
These capsules contain microalgae.

A natural source of omega-3, a fatty acid that helps strengthen the brain and retina.

Did you know that our eyes made of several fatty acids?

It’s true!

These capsules encourage brain health, strengthen the nervous system, encourage visibility, boost the immune system, and allow the brain to work for long hours without feeling fatigued and slow.

We want our kids to grow healthy brain and bones with a perfect height.

Direction for Algal Oi DHA: 

2-6 years old: one capsule per day.

7-12 y/o: two capsules per day.

12-Adult: 2-3 Capsules per day.

*Can take it as a whole or cut off the capsule and mix with food or drink/milk. 

Direction for Colostrum: Chewing two-three tablets daily. 

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